a visual and performing arts middle school and high school

serving grades 6 through 12

1216 East Apache Boulevard

Tempe, Arizona 85281




    Ms. Ratliff has been New School for the Arts and Academics' Spanish teacher since 2000. She has a friendly and enthusiastic personality. She was born and raised in Mexico.

 In 1998, she worked for EMG the Educational Management Group Division of Prentice-Hall, in live-TV-quality distance teaching (i.e. giving the lesson in Arizona and at the same time viewed and interactive in Hawaii). She also taught for six years conversational Spanish for the City of Phoenix, and two years for BERLITZ.


    Ms. Ratliff holds a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Communications with a minor in Humanities from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. Ms. Ratliff passion is teaching and inspiring her students to always keep learning.


    Ms. Ratliff has been an active member of our community and received awards from the Mexican Cultural Center, MUJER Inc., AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Alma de la Gente, and the National Association of Bank Women. As a journalist she has written articles for CAMBIO Hispanic Bilingual Magazine, Hola Latinoamerica Magazine, Nuestro Milenio Bilingual Magazine, and Ave Phoenix newspaper.


    Ms. Ratliff served on the board of directors of the Agri-business Council of Arizona, Alma de la Gente, Arizona Theatre Company, Arizona Economic Council, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Ariztlán, City of Phoenix Women's Commission, Friends of the Orphans, Self-Employment Loan Fund, and Western International University.



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