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Tempe, Arizona 85281



a visual and performing arts middle school and high school serving grades 6 through 12

Letter from the Executive Dean


Hello NSAA Families!



We have had a great first week! It is nice to see all the students again and meet the new scholars!



Attendance is important, please be sure your child is at school on time and misses as little school as possible.




  1. Students received their lanyard today, we have a few more to hand out tomorrow. The students must have the lanyard when they are on campus. It is red, and all visitors, students and staff must wear them so we may quickly identify anyone who should not be on campus.
  2. It appears someone hit the fence where the pickup and drop off area is. Please follow the procedures, I have attached the map, and directions.
  3.  Middle school students will get their planners next week, and one day a week meet with an teacher advisor to monitor class work and progress.
  4. Next Wednesday, the 15th, from 4-7, we have our Community Art Night! Our faculty will be here for parents to meet as well. Bring your family in for the art! We have Community Art on Wednesday a month! Check our website for dates!
  5. The Remind App is required for students and parents for teacher communication.
  6. Next week we will provide students and parents with the information for accessing our grade books to monitor your students progress.
  7. Saturday school is the last Saturday of the month, and any student tardy to three classes in the month will have Saturday school. Parents all signed the agreement to have their child here at the start of the day and funding and instruction is essential and requires punctuality and attendance. Middle school begins at 8:30, high school at 7:50 or 8:50. The building is open 7:30-4.
  8. AZMerit testing for high school students is in October; we expect all students to do their best and we have resources to prepare them. Dual credit classes, scholarships and colleges all look at the state testing and offer opportunities for students who do well.
  9. Please email me your cross streets and zip code if you are interested in car pooling.
  10. Dual college credit class registration will begin next week, Wed at the Community Art night, the coordinator for the community college will be here.





Thank you,




Katy Cárdenas


Executive Dean




In 1995, New School for the Arts & Academics (NSAA) founder Ron Caya had a vision: to open a high school that would give students an advantage in the arts with goals of its graduates entering the professional fields of art and education. NSAA graduates continue post-secondary education at a variety of colleges and universities and become professionals in their fields. NSAA takes pride in our faculty as professional artists who are knowledgeable and highly-qualified teachers who inspire our students to excel. An enormous part of our successful community begins with the NSAA faculty and the staff’s commitment to student success. NSAA teachers are among the best in their field and continue to grow professionally.


After nine years of operating our high school, Founder Ron Caya opened a middle school in 2003 with a quality and comprehensive arts and academic curriculum to feed into the high school. Both schools serve families from over 20 zip codes around the valley. The NSAA organization holds two public charters: the high school and middle school.

Over 80% of our graduates attend post-secondary educational institutions; Others enter professional careers. These are a few of the many institutions they have continued at:

• University of Arizona

• Alvin Ailey Dance Company

• Arizona State University

• Art Institute of Chicago, Smith College

• Berklee College of Music

• California College of Arts

• California State Universities

• Cornish College of the Arts

• Fashion Institute of Technology

• Julliard

• Mills College

• Northern Arizona University

• San Francisco Art Institute

• SUNY…and many more!


The City of Tempe has been instrumental in contributing to our success since the high school’s relocation from Scottsdale to Tempe. Both schools have been awarded and supported by city and federal education grants, and are recognized by the Mayor of Tempe and the City Council. The Light Rail provides accessibility to families, and gives us greater access to museums and theaters valley wide. We open our gallery and theater as a local venue for universities and other agencies. The school’s participation in valley outreach activities raises money and acquires recognition for our talented artists.


NSAA’s teaching philosophy values active, experiential hands-on learning, and the integration of arts with academics. We are a public charter school, and as such NSAA is accountable for demonstrating progress from year to year in student achievement, measured in part through state required student assessments. NSAA meets graduation requirements for high school seniors, and complies with all legislation, both federal and state.




Pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.02, NSAA High School and Middle School hereby states that all notices of the meetings of NSAA High School and Middle School will be posted on the bulletin board in the main building of the school for announcements and on our website calendar. The location is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Such notices will indicate the date, time, and place of the meeting and will include an agenda or information concerning the manner in which the public may obtain an agenda for the meeting